Crayon “Painted” Salt Dough Ornaments

I had a batch of cinnamon scented salt dough ready to be made into ornaments, but I wanted to do something differently with decorating them. My plan was to bake them up and let my son color them with marker. Nothing incredible, but he would enjoy it and they would be adorable family gifts. I pulled them out of the oven and feeling how warm they were had a most wonderful idea. I recalled painting with melted crayon in a high school art class and wondered if coloring on the warm ornaments with crayons would produce the same rich, shiny color. It did!
I encourage you to try this if you want a fun and safe way to decorate your tree. Allow the ornaments to cool slightly when you remove them from the oven, so no little hands get burned and then spread crayons and dried ornaments out on a table and happily enjoy an afternoon of crafting.

I know these photos don’t really show how pretty the colors look, but this is a fun and worthwhile project nonetheless!


One thought on “Crayon “Painted” Salt Dough Ornaments

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