Easy Bolognese

Hurricane Sandy is quickly moving in on the East Coast and I wanted to prepare one hearty meal before the probable loss of power, knowing the outages will likely last a few days.

Being a NJ native this tomato sauce is a favorite and was a no brainer for this chilly day. While pasta is an obvious choice, this is wonderful over roast cauliflower, rice, or with a slice of hearty sourdough. Top with pecorino romano and fresh basil or add a quart of beef stock and some red chard and serve as a soup!

28oz jarred or canned tomato (check to be sure they are BPA free)
1 lb. ground grass fed beef
1/2 sweet red or yellow onion
2 small carrots
2 cloves garlic smashed
3 talespoons butter

In a large pot, brown the beef, breaking it into bite sized pieces. Finely dice the carrots, smash the garlic and remove the outer skins of the onion. Add the carrots to the beef and cook until soft. Drain most of the remaining fat from the beef and add the tomatoes and butter. Submerge the onion half and the garlic in the sauce and simmer for one hour. Remove garlic and onion before serving.


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